Garden & Landscaping Accessories: Fibre-Clay Pots and Statues

A new and exciting range of Fibre-Clay planters and statues are a recent addition to our range of Gardening products.

Fibre-clay is a lightweight and long-lasting material, making it a perfect material for garden planters. Our range includes Fibre-clay pots (left, centre) and Fibre-clay statues (right)

Fibre-clay is a lightweight and long-lasting material made with a combination of clay and natural minerals, making it a perfect material for garden planters and statues.

  • Strong but Lightweight - Fibre-Clay is much stronger than terracotta/ceramic
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Resilient to the effects of weathering - frost and UV resistant so is particularly suitable for use in planters
  • Can be painted if desired
  • Environmentally friendly - manufacturing fibre-clay products uses only 10% of the energy required to produce terracotta or plastic items

The naturally retained salts in fibre-clay will ensure a gentle and attractive aging process that may see only a slight dulling of colour. As the salts are released naturally, these planters can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Fibre-Clay Product Description Size Colour Code
Square Fibre-Clay Pots

Fibre-Clay Pot: Square


30 x 30 x 30


37 x 37 x 37


44 x 44 x 44

Dark Grey 16479
Rectangular Fibre-Clay Pots

Fibre-Clay Pot: Rectangular


50 x 15 x 17


60 x 22 x 22


70 x 28 x 27

Dark Grey 16750
Fibre-Clay Pots - Swirl Design Fibre-Clay Pot: Swirl

40 x 40 x 13


51 x 51 x 41


61 x 61 x 45

Terracota 162549
Fibre-Clay Pots - Nouveau Design Fibre-Clay Pot: Nouveau

22 x 22 x 29


32 x 32 x 42


42 x 42 x 55

Dark Grey 16333
Terracota Pot with Black Metal Stand Fibre-Clay Pot with Metal Stand


40 x 40 x 40



41 x 41 x 88

Terracota Pot with Black Metal Stand 16810
Fibre-Clay Buddha Statue Buddha

24 x 25 x 43

Light Grey 163346
Fibre-Clay Angel Statue Angel

30 x 30 x 56

Cream 163345

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