Garden & Landscaping Products

Patrick Cody Ltd. supplies a diverse range of exciting and innovative products to the gardening and landscaping sectors. Our products are well known in the marketplace and have been very well received by both garden centres and landscape contractors. Our current range of products currently consists of the following:

Gardening Products

Garden & Landscaping Accessories

Our gardening and landscaping products have been well received by garden centres, nurseries and landscapers. Our current range of products includes Garden Fleece (left), Weed Control Fabrics (centre) and Garden Accessories (right)

With over 20 years experience in this market, we have gained a huge amount of expertise and a first class reputation for supplying quality products.

We were the first company in Ireland to launch the highly successful and innovative Plantex® geo-textile weed suppressant fabric. Since then we have complemented this product with many more innovative gardening products and we intend to continually expand our range into the future.

More detailed information on each product range is available in the individual product pages or contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements.